Visit the Lighthouses on St Lucia

Port St. Lucie Florida is a lovely small town that sits on the Gulf of Mexico. When you arrive you will see a large port and several marinas. There are also many restaurants and shops. If you take a long road trip, you will see the barrier reef, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This area also has a national park for bird watchers.

port st lucie florida

The charming, historic downtown area of Port St. Lucia, Florida, is the heartbeat of this town. You can see the two-story colonial-style house with white portico and wooden columns on the main block. The house is listed as a landmark. On the corner of that block is the lagoon where you can see the Florida Everglades, the Florida Lighthouse, and the Historic Port St. Lucia Lighthouse.

The Lagoon Connection, a concession stand located on the corner of Second Avenue in front of the port, offers free live entertainment every hour. There are also several live bands and musicians during the summer. Several events are held at the lagoon, including free family shows and fireworks every night.

Just across the street from the lagoon, on Second Avenue is another waterfront attraction, the St Lucia Lighthouse. This historical structure, one of the seven wonders of the world, was designed by Spanish architect Puerto Corte in 1690. Today, it serves as a science center. It was built to help the island to prepare for its trip across the Atlantic Ocean to join up with England.

Just down the road from the lagoon, is the Florida Everglades, home to the largest collection of wildlife in the Southeast. Many types of birds, reptiles, mammals, and insects can be seen here. In addition to all this natural beauty, tourists can indulge in water-based sports such as scuba diving, boating, and fishing. One of Florida’s most well-known attractions is the Sanibel Island Beaches. Here, you can do a number of water activities such as paddle boating, swimming, snorkeling, or anything else that floats your boat.

Many historic structures in the area have historic significance. If you visit the St Lucia Lighthouse, for example, you will find that it was built during the reign of Queen Isabella. That same year, the English sent a group of pioneers into the lagoon to explore what lies beneath the water. Some of those pioneers became the first recorded owners of what we know today as the Florida Everglades.

Today, you can take part in one of several daylong guided tours of the St Lucia Lighthouse. The entire experience will give you an amazing view of one of Florida’s most beautiful bodies of water. If you love being among the history of a place, the St Lucia lighthouse tours are an excellent way to learn more. You can also learn more about the other interesting landmarks in the area.

The St Lucia is just one of many popular natural sites in the area. Other locales include Paradise Point, which is near Pompano Beach. You can visit the nearby Paradise Island and view the live or swimming turtles as they lay eggs. Another popular stop on your vacation would be Fort Walton Beach, which is nearby, where you can snorkel, walk along the beach, or even rent a picnic lunch to enjoy at the lagoon’s edge.

Once you have spent some time at the Paradise Island and Fort Walton Beach, you may want to return to your tour of the St Lucia lighthouses. After visiting the lagoon, you will want to see one of the most famous lighthouses in the Caribbean: the Antigua. You can tour the lighthouse and take a boat tour around the island.

You can stay in a hotel near one of the St Lucia lighthouses while in the area. Most of the hotels in St Lucia offer scenic tours of the island, but there are some that provide the most historic accommodations. You can visit the Royal Antiguan, which is located in the center of the island, near the French quarter of Fort Walton Beach.

This romantic, tropical destination is sure to be one of your favorite vacations. When you go to a St Lucia holiday, you should make sure you don’t miss out on a trip to one of the lighthouses or the fort. Your next trip to the Caribbean may be what you’ve been looking for!