St Lucia – Beaches Near the Heart of the Island

Port St. Lucie Florida is a popular vacation destination for visitors from across the country. Located on the south end of Florida’s panhandle, near Ocala, Port St. Lucie has a lot to offer families, couples, singles and businesses. In addition to the natural beauty, there are a number of local attractions and activities to make your visit fun and educational.

port st lucie florida

There are many popular beaches along the shores of Port St. Lucie, ranging from the quiet, sandy beaches found at Signal Island and Crescent Beach to the busy, but attractive beaches found at Seven Mile Beach, Neptune Beach and Golden Isle Beach. Many of the beaches are private, so families with kids need to make reservations or schedule trips with tours, which often sell out. However, most of the beaches are public, so visitors are welcome to enjoy them as they please. On sunny days, the beaches are also a great place to swim, relax, go tanning or do some sunbathing.

Port St Lucie Florida is home to many national parks, nature preserves and natural forests. The city is known for being one of the leading destinations for scientific research and natural tourism. The nearby Natural History Museum and Gardens feature a large collection of artifacts, paintings and rare plant and animal specimens. In addition to the gardens and museum, the city’s waterfalls and natural lakes offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscape and provide a perfect setting for a quiet vacation.

A short drive up the coast from the cities of St Lucia and Venice, lies a small fishing village called St Lucian. Here visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of a small island paradise. Homes are small and well maintained with swimming pools, tennis courts and barbecue spots. The houses are built using local materials and a combination of environmentally friendly construction techniques. Outdoor activities include snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and windsurfing. Guided tours of local wildlife are available, and St Lucian residents offer tours of their natural hot springs.

Another popular activity in the St Lucian area is boating. Located near Seven Mile Beach, boating is a popular activity among vacationers. Boat owners are allowed to sleep on the sand or use the natural surf to cool down on cool nights. Many boat clubs and outfitters provide tours of the local area, including boat shows and parties at local restaurants. Two miles of white sand beaches, located on the northern end of town, offer a variety of amenities, from full-service beach resorts to secluded shoreline condos.

The downtown area of St Lucia features restaurants and bars with a wide range of food and beverage options. Visitors can eat at one of the restaurants, or shop at one of the boutiques or specialty shops. This urban environment offers entertainment such as live bands and comedy clubs. Downtown St Lucia also includes several public parks, which feature playgrounds, nature trails and athletic fields.

St Lucia is home to many historic sites and buildings. One of these is the San Lorenzo de Salud Island, which serves as an historical presence and reminder of Spanish rule in the area. Also on this island are remains of San Juan de Las Aguilas Church, which served as a mission station for the Spanish Magellan in the 16th century. Other notable sites include the Alvorado Museum, a historic farm park and the National Archaeological Park. St Lucian has long been known as a cultural center for the Florida area. Today it attracts a variety of visitors who enjoy a variety of art forms, music and dance.

Other popular beach destinations include Palm Beach, which is known for its luxurious hotels and upscale restaurants. Also on the Palm Beach are two popular family resorts, the Disney-MGM Studios and the Sea World. Palm Beach’s closer proximity to the more famous beaches of St Lucia to make it a more convenient choice for visitors. Other popular beaches include Coconut Grove, which are closer to the more heavily populated parts of St Lucia, and Boynton Beach, which are less populated and offer visitors less crowded beaches.