St Lucia – An Enjoyable Place For Vacations

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St Lucia – An Enjoyable Place For Vacations

Port St. Lucie Florida is the second largest city on the Florida Gulf Coast. It is located on the south side of St Lucia island, in the Florida Keys. Port St. Lucie has much to offer for residents of any age, including beautiful beaches, an active night life, shopping, dining and sports. The city is also popular for its annual “Fiesta in the Sun,” a holiday event that draws thousands to the area each year. If you are planning a vacation to the area, here are some things to see and do in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

The Glass House Museum is one of the primary attractions of the city. In addition to featuring glassblowing exhibits, the museum also offers a large collection of art, including sculptures by renowned artist Frank Lloyd Wright and many others. Other attractions include the Florida Keys Hiking Trail, featuring scenic trails through beautiful forests and along the many beaches in St. Lucia. The Florida Keys Underwater Park allows visitors to go snorkeling or scuba diving in some of the most beautiful areas of the Keys. And there are also boat tours of St Lucia, featuring a selection of historic sailboats.

As the second largest city, St. Lucia is home to many popular restaurants, pubs and bars. You will find the best parties and clubs in town during the week, with many of the nightlife locations being open Friday and Saturday, with the weekend being reserved for special events and family-friendly events. The weekends are great for sightseeing and beaches, with St Lucia beach being among the most popular in the area. A visit to the nearby villages and countryside is also an option for anyone looking to see some of St Lucia’s natural beauty.

If you are looking for a place to stay, then there is plenty to choose from. There are hotels in the area, but it is possible to rent your own home if you would prefer. Staying in St Lucia homes allow you to be closer to the beach and convenient to all of the attractions in the area. Many of these houses come with private pools, gyms and other facilities, meaning that staying in a St Lucia house can be very similar to being on holiday. St Lucia homes are available for rental all over the island, but there are a few particular types that are especially popular.

One of the top places to stay is the Four Seasons Hotel. This hotel has been immortalized in the hit movie “A star is born” and many tourists remain in the St Lucia area for a week or more to experience the unique atmosphere of the island. The Four Seasons Hotel has a tropical theme that includes lushly landscaped gardens and swimming pool surrounded by colourful palm trees. Located in the heart of Le Sougey, the Four Seasons Hotel is also close to the airport, the marina, and many of the attractions. The Four Seasons is one of the best rated St Lucia hotels and many visitors stay here for extended periods of time.

St Ann’s Village is another popular resort for visitors who like the idea of being far from the madding crowd. St Ann’s Village is only two miles from the Le Sougey Beach Resort and has a laid back feel. Many tourists who stay at St Ann’s Village end up going back to the resort year after year. The village is surrounded by tropical gardens and beautiful swimming pools that stretch for miles. While St Ann’s Village is not located on the beach itself, it is close enough to have access to the beach if needed. You can also spend a day enjoying the facilities at the neighboring Le Sougey Hotel and relax by the pool.

If you are interested in a private vacation that does not include any large groups of people, you might consider booking an all inclusive vacation at the beautiful and secluded Port Louis Bay. With its clear, swimming-in-the-beach view, the Bay is perfect for families or groups of friends who enjoy snorkeling or water sports. The top areas of the Bay include Punta Cana and Miraflores. Many visitors choose to spend their holiday break at the St Lucia luau, which is held every June and is internationally known as the Caribbean Music and Arts Festival.

If you are looking for an experience that combines the vibrant excitement of visiting a major city with the soothing comfort of a vacation home, then the luxurious Pine Cone Beach Resort may be just what you’re looking for. Pine cone beach Resort is nestled between three large luxury jacuzzis that stretch out into the clear blue waters of Saint Lucia’s private airport. With pine rock and lush tropical gardens, this hotel offers all of the amenities of a luxurious hotel while adding the convenience and personalization of a private vacation home. Along with the well-known perks of private pools, internet access, concierge services, and a laundry service, guests can also enjoy the warm hospitality of the resort’s friendly staff. As part of a complete surround, this beautiful paradise offers all of the conveniences of an outdoor tropical oasis with secluded beaches, hiking trails, and an indoor swimming pool. Pine Cone Beach Resort is the perfect place for visitors who want to enjoy the great outdoors, and the peace and quiet of a private vacation retreat.