Miami Florida – The Little Havana That Was

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Miami Florida – The Little Havana That Was

Miami, officially the City of Miami, Florida is a coastal palm-lined city located in south-eastern Florida in the United States. It is now the second most populous city on the east coast of the United States and is the fifth most populous in the state. Miami was originally a French colony, and during the early days, it was one of America’s first trading posts. It has been home to a variety of immigrants over the years including Cuban, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Japanese, Koreans, and many more. Over the years, Miami has developed into one of the world’s hottest real estate markets and today is considered to be one of the fastest growing major cities in the United States

The Cuban population is just under 5 percent, but their culture, arts, and cuisine are totally unique. Miami is full of people from all walks of life, including famous ones like poets, actors, and sports figures, famous Cubans like Raul Cuba, as well as countless others. Cuban Americans have brought to Miami their distinctive culture and cuisine, which can be found at local restaurants, bistros, and shops. Most importantly, Cuban Americans have added so much to the cultural mix that Miami now stands out as a melting pot of sorts, especially when it comes to its Latino population. Throughout Miami, you can find outstanding neighborhoods like Brickell and downtown Miami where the Hispanic and black populations overlap.

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During the last quarter century, there has been a steady growth of Cubans in Miami, due to both migration from the communist country, as well as an influx of professionals who had worked for the former Soviet Union. Thanks to the economic boom in Cuba, the travel opportunities for Cubans have allowed them to live and work in Miami. Many of these folks were previously unemployed or had never been abroad before. Thanks to the hard work of President Obama and his team, many of these Cubans now have homes in south Florida, which could not have been easier for them.

Just down the road from Miami, in Brickell, you will find two very diverse groups of Cuban-American residents. One is the growing Cuban population that has settled in Brickell and taken advantage of all the new businesses opening up in the area. Secondly, there are a group of “Hollywood Cuba” that is settling in Miami as well. These are the elderly, famous “Havana cast” retirees that had lived in the U.S. for most of their lives. They are bringing all the old skills with them that they have known all their life – but have found new life in south Florida. Many of them even speak English fluently.

Right next to Miami in south Florida, you will find the other large concentration of Cubans in south Florida, namely the little Havana Bay area. This area bordered on one side by the beautiful Biscayne Bay, and on the north by the beautiful Iberian Peninsula. Areas here in Miami-Dade County, along with the other popular retirement destinations of Coconut Grove, Coral Gables and Pinecrest, are growing increasingly Cuban. Many famous college students have graduated from these colleges here, including ace pitcher Curt Flood. Because of the huge influx of young Cubans into Brickell and the surrounding areas, many are looking to buy homes here to raise their families.

On the other side of the Cuban influence in Miami-Dade County is the growing non-Cuban population. In areas like Dade County itself, well-known people like architect Frank Lloyd Wright and actor Sean Connery have lived for decades. Both of these people are of Cuban descent, yet they have made millions of dollars in their careers in the United States and other countries. Also living in Dade County is former United States President Bill Clinton, who now has a residence here.

So what do you think about the impact that Cuban immigrants and the newly settling Cuban-Americans have had on the real estate market in south Florida? Does it worry you? Would you like to see more restrictions? What do you think about Miami-Dade County’s possible loss of cultural identity in a changing world? What will your future Miami-Dade County life be like?