Miami Florida Hotels and Campgrounds Nearby

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Miami Florida Hotels and Campgrounds Nearby

Miami Florida has a long history of hosting world class beaches, exciting nightlife and great family fun. Miami is Florida’s largest city and is located on the Gulf of Mexico. As the second most populous area in the United States, Miami enjoys a population of more than five million. The city was originally a part of the Cuban emirate of Havana, and today it is one of the fastest growing cities in the Florida Keys.

A visit to Miami is sure to thrill and excite you for a long time to come. The first thing that probably comes to mind is that famous Miami skyline which you see when looking out on the Atlantic Ocean. A short drive from this city you will find three of the best tourist attractions in the world: The Miami-Dade County Public Library, the Miami-Dade County Public Museum, and the Miami-ahn International Airport. All of these great attractions draw thousands of visitors every single year. During your visit to Miami you will be able to take in all that Miami has to offer, including:

o The city of Miami-Dade County Public Library. Just north of downtown Miami you will discover the Miami-Dade County Public Library. The library offers a large collection of different forms of books, periodicals and other reading material. This library has one of the largest collections of reference materials in the state of the United States.

o The Miami-Dade County Public Museum. The Miami-Dade County Public Museum is located at Biscayne Bay. This public museum is home to numerous different types of cultural exhibits and is home to the Miami-Dade County Art Museum, which was created by famed Cuban artist, Matador Salazar. The museum is also home to several different types of exhibits, including: Cuban Interests, Cuban Art, Cuban History and Art, Cuban Workshops and Cuban Writing Rooms. The museum is one of the most visited public institutions in the state of Florida.

o The Cape Hatteras National Park. The Cape Hatteras National Park is on the southern tip of Florida. It is one of the very few remaining natural islands off the coast of the United States. The park offers a variety of wildlife and tourist attractions, including: the Tinkerbell Aquarium, the African-American Cultural Center, the James E. Frye Preserve, the Historic James E. Frye House and the Tinkerbell Pirate Ship. While in the area you can visit the state historic site the Leeuwenhoek Site and the historic Cape Hatteras National Recreation Area.

o The Biscayne Bay Sarasota Wine Country Tour. The Biscayne Bay Sarasota Wine Country Tour will take visitors to a series of winery destinations throughout the four counties of Florida that make up the Biscayne Bay. Here visitors can enjoy fine wines from around the world and dine at five star restaurants. Besides the wine tour there are a number of attractions and family-friendly activities to enjoy while visiting this part of south-florida.

o The Havana Connection. The Havana Connection is a great day trip for anyone living in or visiting the four counties of Florida. This historic railroad connection is the first passenger railroad in Cuba and is believed to be the birthplace of the island’s capital, Havana. Here you will travel to two historic neighborhoods: downtown Havana and the historic slums of Cuba.

o Mariel Boatlift. The Mariel Boatlift Scuba Diving Centre has been operating for close to twenty-five years now. This unique centre specializes in all kinds of diving from fresh water diving and scientific research dives to adventure tours and luxury all inclusive cruises to historic marinas. During off season (Apr – Oct), the center is temporarily closed but during peak season (Jan -Mar) from December to April it will be open throughout the year.