Interior Design – Finding A Profession That Values Your Good Taste

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Interior Design – Finding A Profession That Values Your Good Taste

Interior design is the science and art of improving the interior of a structure to create a more aesthetically pleasing and healthy environment for those using the room. An interior designer is a person who plans, researches, designs, coordinates and oversees these improvement projects. They are a combination of art and science.

Interior designers use many of their artistic talents to plan the layout, colors and materials for a room. The science includes drafting mathematical descriptions of how furniture will be laid out and applying scientific principles to get the best possible results. In addition, they will work with architects and decorators to get ideas for modern art Deco furnishings and interior design accessories. Together, the interior designers and the architects create the decor.

Many graduates with an interior design career go on to become architects. However, there is no specific educational requirement to become an architect. Rather, most states require that the applicant have at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from an accredited university. Students can earn either a four year degree or a two year degree. Some choose to continue on to a three year degree program that generally focuses on the areas of residential construction, building sciences and environmental design.

The profession is diverse with several sub-disciplines. One of the largest fields within the profession is residential construction. This encompasses all designs made for dwellings, hotels, apartment complexes and town homes. The other sub-disciplines are office design and management, which include a variety of styles of furniture and interior spaces; architecture, which take into consideration the building itself as well as the ways the environment and the architecture interact; and landscape, which include the aesthetics of the environment, including colors, lighting, landscaping and garden designs.

Healthcare design is another area where interior designers often work. In this field, the designer will create and/or preserve space for healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and technicians. Some may be involved in the creation of patient’s rooms or even designing suites or rooms for hospice care.

Individuals who decide to enter the profession of interior design often go on to become decorators. Decorators work to update and revitalize spaces such as banquet halls, convention centers and hotels. A professional decorator will use creativity and their good taste to create spaces that are functional, but also pleasing to the eye. Good decorators will be able to work with clients to find a style and theme that work for their client.

Another area of the profession that sees a lot of job opportunities is restaurant decoration. People who become decorators will visit fine dining establishments and other restaurants to work on the furniture and fixtures. The goal is to create spaces that help set a relaxed atmosphere. However, the end result of this job is the creation of eco-friendly, healthful furnishings. Some people who enter the profession may decide to enter the carpentry and finishing professions, if they so desire.

The final option for those looking for a career in interior design is that of the architect. Architects plan and create the plans of buildings such as buildings that house businesses, parks and zoos. The purpose of an architect is to build and maintain a space that works well for its purpose. They will use their expertise in space planning, aesthetics and building engineering to make their vision a reality. While an architect may not have an artistic flair for decorating, the outcome of their work is often breathtaking. With an eye for detail and an artistic flair, an architect is a great person to have on your team.