Fort Lauderdale North Palm Beach – The Beaches of South Florida

Fort Lauderdale is an exotic beach town on Florida’s southwestern coast, famed for its pristine beaches and beautiful canals. The famous Strip is an open promenade that runs along the famous Oceanside Highway A1A. It is lined with elegant outdoor bars, restaurants, boutiques and specialty hotels. Other attractions include the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park with a beautiful lagoon and state park. The Winter Gardens State Wildlife Preserve is another attraction in the area.

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This area is located on Florida’s panhandle near the Gulf of Mexico. The climate here is semi-tropical with warm summers and cool winters. You will find year-round pleasant weather in this area. Fort Lauderdale has an abundance of sandy beaches and year-round water activities.

The southern part of town is known as the “gold coast,” which is frequented by celebrities and tourists from all over the world. The internationally recognized strip is lined with high-rise hotels, shops, and nightclubs. This part of town is considered the most fashionable of all the cities in Florida. There are a multitude of malls, restaurants and entertainment centers in and around the downtown area.

The north part of Fort Lauderdale consists of Bayside, Bonita Beach, Coral Gables and the south end of Palm Beach. The area around the beaches is considered to be rural. Bayside is the largest neighborhood. It is known for its refined living and affluence. Many celebrities live in the Bayside area, including singers like Marc Anthony and Boyz II Men.

The Coral Gables area is the most popular place to live. It is known for luxury condominiums, fountains, and clubhouses. The Coral Gables area is also famous for being a party town. It is home to the Disney World Resort and Club Hollywood.

The Palm Beach area is home to a more rural style of living. It is well-known for its pristine beaches, which are only accessible by boat or on foot. The south end of the city of Fort Lauderdale features a wide array of dining and shopping malls. In addition to these, the city is found dotted with luxurious hotels, fine dining establishments, and nightspots.

The La Jolla area of Fort Lauderdale features a more laid-back atmosphere. It is less commercialized than the other coastal cities in Florida. Many upscale and high-end condos can be found here. Many of the houses in this area are custom built. Many have exquisite wood facades and are sided with white marble.

The southern end of the city of Fort Lauderdale features a more southern hospitality than that found in the other parts of the city. Here you will find a charming, laid-back feeling combined with ample shopping and dining opportunities. A popular beach destination, South Beach has a variety of restaurants and bars. It is also home to many popular nightclubs.

If shopping is not your type of activity, there are plenty of entertainment venues near the beach. Fort Lauderdale hosts numerous nightclubs and bars. These offer live music performed by professionals as well as locals. These clubs provide a dazzling display of fireworks, fire displays, and other fireworks acts during the evening. Some of these include the Rockwell Park Bar and Grille, Booty Shoppes, Mambo and many others.

Fort Lauderdale is a premier vacation destination, which is why millions of people visit the area every year. Its easy access to the rest of Florida allows tourists to stay for a weekend or an extended vacation. The climate is mild enough for year-round recreation. There is no shortage of things to do or see. It’s truly a haven.

The climate in northern Fort Lauderdale is much different from that in southern Fort Lauderdale. While you’re in the southern part of the city, you’ll find ocean breezes blowing and warm, sunny weather. In the north, wind tends to blow more to the west, with cooler, dry air prevailing. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing, outdoor summer vacation.

Fort Lauderdale offers plenty of residential options, from luxury condos to single family homes. You can also find luxurious condos and villas with swimming pools right on the beach. This gives families an opportunity to enjoy the beach at their own home while still saving money. Families can dine al fresco and swim in the ocean at the same time.