Fort Lauderdale is Famous for Many Things

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a popular tourist destination in the State of Florida. This area sits on the Gulf Coast, near the Atlantic Ocean and about a one-two hour drive from Miami. A vacation there is sure to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who is lucky enough to venture there. A vacation in Fort Lauderdale offers so much for both families and couples.

Fort Lauderdale has all that a tourist should expect in a vacation spot. There are beautiful beaches, wonderful sight seeing experiences and the fun of shopping. The condominiums are located all over town. Many have views that rival those found in cities in California and New York. There are many people who live in condos and rent out their apartments as well.

The Fort Lauderdale International Airport is about thirty miles north of the city. Most residents commute to the beach or spend part of the year living in the cities of Miami and Coconut Grove. Traffic is usually less than in other parts of the State. The highway, I-95, is the only road connecting Fort Lauderdale to the rest of the state.

Dune Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Fort Lauderdale. It’s located on a quiet stretch of sand between the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by beautiful homes and ocean views. There are no trash and very little maintenance. Many people who visit Fort Lauderdale enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the beach.

On the far side of the Intracoastal is the exclusive Punta Cana beach. This is a much quieter beach that is not as developed as the other beaches in Fort Lauderdale. Many of the condos are built directly on the beach and there are often open air restaurants and small bars that provide dining and entertainment. Most condos are rented monthly and some are sold on an annual basis. The prices for Punta Cana condos are usually higher than those in the other areas of Fort Lauderdale but the views are much nicer.

North of Punta Cana is the beautiful Gulf beach area known as Coral Gables. This is another popular choice for tourists who visit Fort Lauderdale. There are gorgeous condos for rent, and it is possible to rent an exclusive condominium overlooking the Gulf. Many of the residents of Coral Gables enjoy the beautiful weather and the rich cultural life in this area. Some of the cultural attractions include the Miami Children’s Theatre, Coral Gables Museum, the William Heath Davis Institute for the Study of the Blind, and the Miami Chamber Symphony.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Fort Lauderdale is the famous southern end of South Beach known as Biscayne Bay. The beach has a wide variety of condos, villas, town homes, and apartments to suit just about everyone’s budget. South Beach experiences the most tourists of any part of Fort Lauderdale and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Many of the luxurious hotels are located in the area and you will find many wonderful restaurants, shopping malls, and other attractions in the area. The southern end of the city is also close to the Miami International Airport and many of the popular nightclubs can be found there as well. The city does have some extremely high crime rates but the overall view of the city is one of extreme luxury and beauty.

Whether you enjoy the beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, or the business opportunities that the Fort Lauderdale market offers, there is something available for you in Fort Lauderdale. You will easily find a home in Fort Lauderdale that you will enjoy living in and making money from. The real estate market in Fort Lauderdale has grown very rapidly and there are many different types of housing available. You can find an affordable home for your family that you can enjoy living in and be proud to call home in Fort Lauderdale.