Florida Key Cities

Florida is an exotic southern U.S. state with the Atlantic Ocean on one coast and the Gulf of Mexico on another. It also has hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches. The vibrant city of Miami is recognized for its Latin-American cultural influences, distinctive arts scene and prominent nightlife, particularly in upscale South Beach. Orlando is famous for theme parks, such as Walt Disney World.


Sea Level Florida is a place of great natural beauty. Located along the Eastern Seaboard, Florida is at the very eastern tip of the continental United States. The sea level here is less than four feet above the ground. Because of the low sea level, Florida gets less precipitation than other states, but more sunshine.

Because of its location between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida gets lots of rain. Areas of high rainfall, such as Boca Raton, have long stretches of white sand beach. In addition to its many beaches, Florida has many parks and public gardens.

The Everglades provides some of the most spectacular scenery in Florida. Florida in the Everglades supports many types of wildlife, including the endangered Manatee. The wildlife population of Florida is the fourth largest in the United States. Florida’s climate produces an abundance of plant species. It is home to over two hundred species of palms, roses, limes and cabbage. Manatees roam the coastal areas and estuary areas.

Sea turtles are a favorite of travelers to the state. The Everglades National Park has been a popular destination for sea turtles. The Crystal River and St. Lucian Island provide nesting places for many sea turtles. Travelers to the state can view manatees from the St. Lucian Island Birdwatching site or the Crystal River boat tours.

The south Florida region is home to the riches and gators. Florida in the Gulf of Mexico is home to the riches such as black and yellow spotted sturgeon, sipakawa fish, and wahoo. On the south east side of Florida, the Florida Keys has a large group of manatees. The north south gulf coast has a large coral reef state park known as the St. Lucian Islands.

State parks in Florida provide travelers with many outdoor activities. Florida national parks are the perfect place to visit for nature lovers and nature enthusiasts. In Central Florida, one can find the Everglades National Park which is the largest protected area in the United States. There are also many national parks in the south of the state including the Southeastern States National Parks. A great attraction in the state is the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, which is a living modern-day museum.

Florida also provides tourists with a variety of water adventures such as snorkeling, diving, and scuba diving. The Everglades National Park and Gulf Coast National Seashore offer several thrilling water adventures. Florida is a state that offers nature lovers with a wide variety of activities. Travelers can have a good time visiting Florida and explore all that it has to offer. The Florida attractions are diverse and offer many opportunities to see and do.

Those who are interested in history will not want to miss the opportunity to participate in the Florida Official State History Museum. Visitors will be able to take part in hands-on activities such as reenactments, interactive exhibits and interactive classroom demonstrations. This is one of the many great museums that are found in Florida. In the county of Hillsborough, there is the Tampa History Museum which is managed by the University of Tampa.

Located in Tampa, Florida is the well-known St. Augustine Riverboat Classic Society which is an internationally known tourist organization. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy sailboating, flyfishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, fishing and st. Augustine tours. Located in Jacksonville, Florida is the premier sailboat tours across the country. Visitors can take part in the historic excursion called The Jacksonville Caribbean Cruise and learn about the culture of the sunshine state.

Just down the road from Tampa is Jacksonville University, which serves thousands of students each semester. University of Florida offers over 250 locations for college students to select from. A student can choose the college on the Gulf coast, the Pacific coast or the northern region of the Sunshine state. During the spring break in Florida there are festivals and music concerts which are held all across the state. In Tampa itself there are festivals such as Jazz Fest, Spring Festival, Mardi Gras Festival, Flag Celebration of Life.

The largest city of Florida, Orlando, is also located in the state. There are many attractions and sights to see in Orlando. Oftentimes, when visiting the state it is imperative to visit the Disney theme parks. The four theme parks Florida has to offer are Epcot Center, Universal Studios, Disney MGM Studios and Wet and Wild. The Disney parks are a great place for families and visitors to enjoy an afternoon or an entire day, being outdoors and having lots of fun.