Explore South Florida – The Not So Ordinary Florida

South Florida is the southern most section of the state of Florida. It is among the three most widely known “directional” states, the other two being Central Florida and North Florida, of course. It also includes the southernmost part of Florida, including the Florida Keys, along with other minor localities. This means that South Florida has a lot to offer residents looking for the best in everything south of the border.

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Ponce de Leon Spanish for Miami, it’s name is fitting as the cultural hub of south Florida, which happens to be its largest city. Ponce de le Nie is pronounced very similar to the Spanish word which translates as “Poncho.” The city’s most famous landmark, the Miami International Airport, can be found within walking distance. The site where the Miami International Airport now stands was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, for the Walt Disney Company. Many of the original structures from this airport can still be seen there, along with the familiar tangle of cables and steel of the famous Disney World sign.

Just across the Atlantic Ocean, we have the Everglades. These scenic wetlands were home to many of Florida’s first inhabitants, including the Seminoles. Today, you can see picturesque scenes of manatees and dolphins at several different theme parks near the Everglades. At Fort Lauderdale, you can experience the world’s largest barrier reef, with hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches and oceanfront restaurants. In Ovie, you can learn more about the life aquatic of the south Florida area while strolling along the beach and watching endangered manatees.

Just a short drive from the large city of Saint Petersburg, you’ll find the charming town of Ovie. Known as the Venice of the Gulf Coast, Ovie draws hundreds of thousands of vacation travelers every year. Its sandy beaches provide easy access to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, while its small but spectacular downtown offers plenty of restaurants, shops, and nightlife. In recent years, tourist activity has become particularly concentrated around Saint Petersburg. A short ride east of Ovie on I-4 freeway will take you to the state capital of Saint Petersburg.

On the southwest end of south Florida, we come to Punta de Le Nie. This community sits less than an hour from Saint Petersburg, yet it is right on the Gulf of Mexico. The primary language of the community is Spanish, although English is spoken at the town hall and in local restaurants. In fact, many visitors are Hispanic and speak Spanish when they visit the area. Most businesses communicate with visitors in both English and Spanish. A short drive up the coast to Pensacola reveals the thriving nightlife and arts community of Pensacola.

Just a short drive north of Saint Petersburg you’ll encounter another intriguing little beach town called Fort Lauderdale. Once home to the world’s tallest building, the U.S. Air Force Academy, Fort Lauderdale is today a bustling metropolis teeming with restaurants, galleries, art centers, and culture festivals. The second largest city on the east coast, Pensacola now serves as a key gateway for traveling to the Florida Keys and the Everglades. And just a few hours north of Fort Lauderdale lie the cities of Saint Petersburg and Pensacola Beach.

If you’re looking for the quintessential southern resort, look no further than the cities of Key West and Pensacola. Both cities are on the banks of the mighty Gulf of Mexico and offer scintillating marine views and tropical weather. Visitors who spend time in these beautiful Florida Keys communities often return year after year. The most famous resident of the Keys, Key West, is often referred to as “the Jewel of the South” due to its unmatched beauty, exotic wildlife, and beach-front accommodations. Another popular landmark is Pensacola, which offers a laid-back lifestyle with its plethora of fine dining and shopping.

Between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean lie the semi-deserts of south Florida – perfect for those seeking a little bit of both east and west Florida in their vacation adventure. With an abundance of year-round activities including dolphin watching tours, fishing, golfing, water sports, hunting, sailing, boating, sandy beaches, and more, south Florida is a haven for holidaymakers, families, couples, and retirees. Come to south Florida and enjoy everything it has to offer!