Destination Port Saint Lucas Florida

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Destination Port Saint Lucas Florida

Port St. Lucie Florida is conveniently located on the Gulf coast of southern Florida, near Daytona. It is conveniently situated between Miami and Saint Petersburg, and is only about a three hour drive from Tampa. Its close proximity to Tampa has allowed for easy access to the Tampa area via I-4 freeway and the busy air travel industry. In addition, Port St. Lucie’s close proximity to the beautiful Gulf beaches have made it an attractive location for residential real estate investment.

The Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens is home to various species of orchids and other exotic plants. The Riverwalk Boardwalk wraps around the perimeter of the downtown area. Southeast of the heart, the pristine waterways of the North Fork St. Lucie Aquatic Preserve also provide abundant wildlife habitat for many types of water creatures. Southwest of downtown, the natural preserves of Estero and Big Lagoon create a nature lovers’ haven and offer quiet respite from the bustling commerce of downtown.

A few miles south of Port St. Lucie, a man made oasis exists in the form of Lucid dreaming. The Sea Dream Park, a man-made beach, offers visitors the chance to swim with sea turtles and enjoy the sight and sounds of the natural attractions located just two miles away. The city is just minutes from the Clearwater and St. Thomas rivers that offer fishing, boating, swimming, water activities, water sports, and other attractions. Also a short driving distance, visitors can visit the Florida Keys, one of America’s premier tourist destinations. The tropical climate, world class beaches and lush green surroundings offer visitors something unique to enjoy.

For visitors who prefer not to swim and/or snorkel, the nearby Siesta Key National Seashore is the perfect option. Located less than an hour from downtown, Siesta Key features overlooks, natural bays, and other attractions perfect for nature lovers and nature seekers. Other natural attractions near downtown include the Voluspa Key National Seashore and the Lee Road Marine Science Center. Located less than three miles from downtown, Fort Lauderdale is also close by and boasts many attractions including the exciting Fort Lauderdale Museum of Natural History, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and the nearby Miami-Dade County public school system. Adding to the excitement of nearby attractions, the city of Miami itself is only short driving distance to all of Florida’s natural treasures.

With the vast natural landscape of Florida, it is no wonder that so much time and energy are devoted to preserving it. In addition to the vast natural areas of the state, Port St Lucia Florida has preserved a number of underwater natural attractions. A popular underwater attraction in the area is the Underwater Park, which is home to many beautiful and exotic species of marine life. Another such underwater park is the St Lucia Seascape, which provides visitors with scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico and nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Other natural attractions in Florida include the Miami-Dade County Museum of Art, which is home to a variety of exhibits focusing on the culture, history, and natural resources of the Miami area. Other popular natural destinations include the Big Lagoon State Wildlife preserve, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, and the Miami-Dade County Park system. The city of Fort Lauderdale has even developed an initiative to promote tourism and develop more affordable housing. As part of this initiative, developers have begun to landscape parks and neighborhoods with playgrounds, multi-use recreational facilities, and public outdoor spaces for residents and visitors.

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Those looking for a unique experience can visit the world-famous Miami Art Museum, which features contemporary artworks from some of the most renowned artists in the world. In addition to the Miami Art Museum, visitors may also check out the Miami Village, a collection of shops and restaurants located along the downtown Miami area. There are also parks in the area that visitors can visit and take in the sights and sounds of Miami’s beautiful landscape.