Buying Property in south Florida

South Florida is the south-eastern part of the state of Florida, bordering New York City. It is one of the three most commonly referred to Florida’s “east-west” direction, the other two being Central Florida and North Florida. It includes the popular Miami metropolitan region, along with the Florida Keys, Key West, and other nearby localities. The Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area, which is on the Gulf of Mexico, is south of it.

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The three major cities of south Florida are Daytona Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. Together these cities comprise the greater Miami area. Together they are the southern most point of U.S., the easternmost point in the Gulf of Mexico, and one of Florida’s most populous areas. Other southern parts of Florida include the cities of Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, and the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys has been a popular tourist spot for visitors for years, due to their well-known climate, beautiful beaches, and all sorts of water activity. The Keys are home to the world-famous Key West and the Florida Keys National Seashore.

Together with the central Florida, this area encompasses the coastal portions of southern Florida, including the cities of Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, and the Florida Keys. Included among the major cities of south Florida are such cities as Homestead, Pensacola, Tarpon Springs, Daytona Beach, and Hollywood. These cities are all located on the east side of the Florida panhandle. Together with Pensacola and Daytona Beach, these three main cities make up what is known as the Pensacola-Dade County Area.

Together with Daytona Beach and Miami, this part of south Florida is known as the Miami metropolitan area. The Miami metro area sprawls across the counties of Putnam, Hillsborough, Citrus, Marion, and Palm Beach. Together with Daytona Beach, these three counties constitute the greater part of south Florida. This area, which includes south Florida as well as the entire Miami metropolitan area, is considered to be the second largest in the United States, following only the California city of Los Angeles.

Besides the two large counties of south Florida, there are several smaller ones in this south Florida area. These counties include Flagler, Palm Beach, Miami Dade, Gables, Miami Beach, Hialto, Wakulla, Pinellas, Union, Orange, Lake, and Seminole. The cities of these counties are collectively known as the Miami area. In addition to these larger counties, a few cities within the south Florida area also have large populations: Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Westray, Naples, University Park, and Sarasota.

As is the case with the other Florida cities, south Florida is well connected to the rest of the world through both land and airways. The main international airports serving south Florida are Fort Lauderdale International Airport (Fort Lauderdale) and Miami International Airport (MIA). Between these two airports, many different airlines fly to south Florida. Many of these airliners are based in Europe, Asia, and Canada.

Because there are no rail services operating to south Florida, all of the freight moving between major cities in south Florida must be shipped by truck. Between the two major international airports, many trucking companies have bases in south Florida. Between the two major highways, all of south Florida is easily accessible. There is also a very good public transportation system that runs along most of south Florida’s major streets, providing quick access to south Florida from anywhere in Florida or outside the state.

While Miami and Fort Lauderdale have some of the most expensive housing prices in the country, many areas of south Florida are less expensive than Miami and are comparable to those in other major cities. Areas in south Florida that are less expensive to live in include Clearwater, Dade, Oak Lawn, Saint Petersburg, and Satellite Beach. Like anywhere else in the country, there is some high priced real estate in south Florida, but it is cheaper than most other major cities. As the housing prices rise, however, the value of your south Florida home will appreciate.