Attractions in south Florida

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Attractions in south Florida

South Florida is the south most part of the U.S., bordering Texas and New Mexico on one side and Cuba on the other. It is among the three most frequently referred to “direct” states, the other two being Central Florida and North Florida. It includes the largest urban Miami metro area, the Florida Keys, and several other localities. This area has a lot to offer to tourists of all tastes. Many famous people have roots in south Florida, including singer Diana Ross, actor Miami McBeach, former football star Emmitt Smith, as well as several well-known sports figures.

The south Florida peninsula is made up of the cities of Ft. Myers, Naples, Saint Petersburg, and Miami. These are the home of some of the most prominent large family-owned real estate developments in the nation. Among these are the estates of Brickell, Icon Park, Pinecrest, and Spring Creek. There are also several major employers in the area, which include some of the biggest names in corporate America, banking, oil refineries, as well as insurance companies.

Besides these major cities, south Florida also boasts several minor cities, like West Palm Beach, Hollywood, and Fort Lauderdale. These major cities feature the most magnificent attractions and activities. Among them are the luxurious South Beach, which is known for its year-round tropical climate; the Citicorp Grand Harbor, which offer harbor tours; the Boca Raton Museum of Art, which features works by renowned artists; the Eddystone Estate, which serve as the starting point for many Hollywood films; and the exclusive Coconut Grove, which have world class dining and shopping. There are also a great number of major hotels in the area, from chains to independent properties.

Most of the time, when people head towards south Florida, they will end up going to one of its two major tourist destinations: West Palm Beach and Hollywood. Both of these places boast hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, including the famous white sand beaches along the Gold Coast. Most tourists arrive here during the off-season, which usually lasts from December to March. The beautiful beaches are lined with a variety of hotels that offer exquisite amenities. These include restaurants, pubs, luxury pools, spas, shops, and all other facilities that make staying at one of these luxury resorts in Miami a pleasurable experience.

Aside, from the luxurious accommodations that you get to enjoy when you stay at one of these luxurious resorts in Miami, there are also many recreational activities in south Florida. Among these activities are a lot of golf courses. These courses are spread across several major cities, especially to the south. Among the most popular golf courses in Miami that can be found here are the Markham Golf Course, Seawalk Golf Course, and the Everglades Golf Course. These golf courses are perfect for all kinds of people – from beginners to professionals, so you are guaranteed of having an enjoyable time playing some golf here.

Although Miami is considered as the cultural and entertainment capital of the state, there is actually another place that you should not miss if you are on your way to south Florida. That place is Broward County, where the most famous wildlife sanctuary in the country can be found. You may have already heard of the Florida Panther, or the Florida Mountain Bear. Well, if you are in south Florida, you would definitely want to visit the Big Cypress National Wildlife Refuge.

While visiting the refuge, which is located just near Kissimmee, you will be able to see all sorts of creatures living their natural lives. You would really be able to learn a lot about nature. You can go on the Big Cypress Trail, which is located within walking distance of the refuge. You can even take a boat ride along the Intracoastal Waterway, which connects Kissimmee to the mainland of south Florida. All these things can be done while enjoying the beautiful scenery of palm beach.

Truly, your vacation in south Florida cannot be complete without visiting the Miami Butterfly Garden. This is arguably the largest butterfly garden in the country. As a matter of fact, there are over 400 types of butterfly species that can be found in this garden. So, when you get out there, you do not have to think twice about visiting this amazing attraction in south Florida.